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Tsaigu Trail

Tsaigu Trail running race is located in Linhai (临海) of Zhejiang Province in China, 300 km distance south from Shanghai, with the full range of 115 km running distance.

Time Schedule

Race time: Oct 28-29, 2023

Race Event

I) 115K: cut-off time of 31h15min, about 115.4 KM with ascending 6,783 meters (5 ITRA points)

II) 85K: cut-off time of 23h, about 87.4 KM with ascending 4,711 meters (4 ITRA points)

III) 55K: cut-off time of 11h, about 52.9 KM with ascending 2,693 meters (3 ITRA points)

IV) 26K: cut-off time of 6h, about 25.9 KM with ascending 1,050 meters (1 ITRA point)

Course & Elevation Map

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