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Tsaigu Trail

2023 Tsaigu Trail is located in Linhai of Zhejiang Province in China, 300 km distance south from Shanghai, with full range of 115 km running distance.

 Time Schedule

 Racer check-in

12:00-20:00, Otc. 26, 2023 (Thursday)

10:00-22:00, Otc. 27, 2023 (Friday)

 Racer check-in procedure

 Identity Check

Wechat App Installation on Mobile

 Racer Agreement Sign-up

Mandatory Gear Check

Bib Number and Chip

 300 RMB Cash Deposit for 115k and 85k Groups(for GPS tracker)

Race Bag

Race T-Shirt

Registration and Start: XingShanMen Plaza, Linhai, Zhejiang Province

 Race Group:

115K: cut-off time of 31h15min, 115.4 KM with ascending 6,783 meters (5 ITRA points)

l 85K: cut-off time of 23h, 87.4 KM with ascending 4,711 meters (4 ITRA points)

l 55K: cut-off time of 11h, 52.9 KM with ascending 2,693 meters (3 ITRA points)

l 26K: cut-off time of 6h, 25.9 KM with ascending 1,050 meters (3 ITRA points)


Racer Check-In Before the Race

Mandatory Gear Check: All racers must have their gear checked before check-in. Please make sure you have all your mandatory gear while check-in.

Provide your name and bib number to the race staff at racer check-in. Remember to bring your photo ID and present it when check-in.

Preparation: There will be toilets and change rooms available nearby the racer check-in area. There will also be a place where you can store luggage/baggage you don’t need during the race.

Start Line Area: Please line up at the start line at least 15 minutes before the start of the race.




Mandatory Gear



Trail and Check Points (CPs)

 The course is composed of 92% rural trails with only 10 km road passage (including 2 km running on the Great Wall). The organizers remind all runners to pay attentions to any danger to keep you safe.

All runners are suggested to take your own energy and water supplies. Sport drinks, water, fruits and some hot supplies, are available in CPs. Any non-biodegradable waste should be disposed into the trash bins.

Most of the trail is spread in the mountain area so please show all your patience at some narrow passages.

 The organizers set up to provide enough supplies for all runners. So please do not waste.



 The first aid kit is supplied at all CPs. Please ask volunteers for help if needed.

All runners are requested to take mobile phones for urgent contact if trouble happened.

Insurance: the organizers only provide the insurance covering the basic incidentals. All runners are suggested to purchase the additional insurance.

Track Marks:

The track is well signaled with labels, ribbons, and arrows, along nearly each 200 meters distance except the road passage. All runners should pay attentions to these marks while losing your way more than 500 meters. If no marks found then please walk carefully back to find the right way or you can also call the urgent contact number of the race.

GPS Tracks:

You should download GPS tracks from the web of www.tsaigu.com to your mobile or sports watches before racer check-in.

Timing Chip

Runners are kept track of using timing chips. The race will be tracking racer times, number of racers out on the course as well as whether or not you've entered/left aid stations and checkpoints.

If you are disqualified or decide to drop out of the race, please return your timing chips at the aid station.

Authority Given to Emergency & Medical Staff

Doctors and rescue staff have the authority to stop a runner from continuing the race if he/she believes a racer is unfit to safely continue. If you are told to stop, you will be required to remove and return your timing chip and your race bib will be marked to show that you have dropped out of the race/disqualified.

Dropping Out of the Race

If you feel that you can no longer continue and decide to drop out of the race, you must notify race staff. Once you've dropped out of the race, you will not be able to re-start.

Dropping out at an aid station: please tell race staff that you want to drop out of the race and return your timing chips.

 Dropping out along the race course.


During the race course if it is an emergency and/or you are injured, please contact the emergency race headquarters immediately for assistance. Otherwise, please walk to the next aid station on your own and notify race staff there.

Emergency mobile: 156 5761 1233

Shuttle Bus for Racers

During the race the shuttle buses will be provided at some aid stations.


The top 6 Man and Woman Personals of each group will be awarded with trophies and certificates.TSAIGU115)

The top 5 Man and Woman Personals of each group will be awarded with trophies and certificates.TSAIGU85

The top 4 Man and Woman Personals of each group will be awarded with trophies and certificates.TSAIGU55

All finish runners will be awarded with finish cloth and medal.


The deposit only accept "TSAIGU" marked tournament package, any other personal items will be NOT be accepted here. The organizers will provide free storage services during the race. The package should not be placed within any valuables, fragile items. Any loss or damage will not be refunded.

Other Race Information

Please to check the official website or facebook for any other information and updates:


Facebook: tsaigu